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Update is success ! アップ成功!

I’m making new shopping site. We have already many products…
I updated a product information one by one at yesterday. It will be looong way. I had a headache.
But now I find a Plug-in for automatic update. But I was being bothered by error code because of My product list has Japanese and French word mixing.(my headache came again)
Now I have success to one NEW PRODUCT by automatic ! My headache has recovered a little. I’m drinking to sweet ‘cafe au lait’ for a medicine.

でも、ようやく、プラグインで自動読み込みをする方法を発見。リストに日仏語が混じっているので、エラーが多発しましたが、アップ成功! 頭痛も和らぎ、甘いカフェオレで治療中。

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