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Training for Double-Click ダブルクリックの練習

EgoisteAVEDONGoodbye Picasso
There is Moroccan shop that sells cloth, bag, shoes and accessories from morocco(maybe around north Africa area) next to our office. Their products are not bad. They are thriving much !
Today Mr. shop owner has an embarrassed face and has entered our office… He had come to borrow the fax before. ‘Do you know Yahoo…?’He said, He seems to have received an Email. But He don’t have connection :) As shown in always.
Of course, I opened Yahoo page and wrote down his name & password. But He can’t ‘Double-Click’. He can’t open his Email :) Are you FOSSIL ?
The thing that he don’t use Internet Technology leads to the success in his business and Branding.

今日、オーナーの人が困った顔をして、会社に入ってきた。以前はファックスを借りに来た。何となく嫌~な予感。「ね~ ヤウー(Yahoo)って知ってる?」 彼は、Emailを受け取ったらしい。でも、機械がないので見れないらしい。いつもの調子である。
「クリッケ・ドゥブル?」ダブルクリックができないので手紙が開けない~ あなたは化石か!(昔はこういう人たくさんいましたけどね)

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