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Fuzjko HEMMING フジコ・ヘミング

フジコ・ヘミング  Fuzjko HEMMING
Fuzjko HEMMING is pianist, but she is also drawing a picture. I went to a gallery to look at real drawing.
3 years ago, I made her music clip that was copying her drawing touch and making an animation… It’s was really hard work. She has a peculiar way of drawing. I created 3D scenes and prepared a complex shading and rendering… But finally I draw on the Photoshop frame by frame. T_T
She often draw the cat. They are draw really funny.

3年くらい前、彼女のミュージッククリップを作った事があります。彼女のタッチをコピーして動かしたんですが、これが大変でした。 彼女のタッチはとても特徴的であり、特徴がないんです(泣)

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