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Screening in an elementary school 小学校で上映会

ポニョ Ponyoポニョ Ponyo
Ponyo’s screening in an elementary school ??? Ponyo is recent film of Hayao MIYAZAKI. It is special screening. I want go secretly.
PSST!3 will show April 28 in Paris is included Pecha Kucha Night!!!
I will play to Animation remix VJ after the screening ! Please Join :)
(Right photo”Prehistory Expotision” also worries me… Is it horse ?)

小学校でポニョの上映会~? こっそり子供に混じって行きたいです。
そして私たちは、PSST!3の上映会が決定しました! ペニャクチャナイトと合同で下記の日程で開催します!
その後、私は、Animation remix VJと称して、ちょっとやります。 遊びに来てね!

Tuesday, April 28 2009
19:30 – 22:30 Pecha Kucha Night
22:30 – 23:30 PSST!3 Screening
23:30 – 02:00 Animation VJ

Le Divan du Monde Paris : 75, Rue Martyrs, 75018 Paris‎‎
Thanks for cooperation : Adobe, designers interactifs, étapes.

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