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Wacky and fantastic ! 気違いじみて空想的!

I finished to first presentation to client.
I decided to make to 100 ideas at last Friday. I was able to make only 37 pieces though I kept non-stop thinking… T_T Having been finally chosen is only by 17 pieces. I translated to English BUT! 7 pieces were not made good. Producer didn’t understand them because of my bat English translation T_T Only 10 pieces survived finally…
Few hours ago, “Wacky and fantastic!” is response from client to my ideas. It is a word of the highest eulogy. I can sleep deeply :)

数時間後「気違いじみて空想的!」という返事をクライアントから頂きました。私にとっては最高の賛辞の言葉? これで深い眠りにつけそうです。

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