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Google Earthで小旅行

I played with Google Earth which is recommended by Mr.N.
It is surprisingly fun.
In Google map, it was given priority in the function of displaying the
retrieved address, however this Google earth seems to put stress on movement.
We can travel wherever you want to on the screen .
We were joking around saying “There is secret military base in Paris”.
The image above is the street which Le pivot situates.
Type the address “20 Rue OBERKAMPF 75011 Paris” to see!
Nさんのお奨めで、Google Earthで遊んでみる。 コレ、以外に楽しい。Google Mapでは、検索した住所を表示するという機能に重点が置かれましたが、Earthは「移動」する事に重点が置かれたらしく、「何処から何処へ」画面上で小旅行ができます。
写真はピヴォのある通り。あなたの町から、20 Rue OBERKAMPF 75011 Parisと打ち込んでみてください!

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