Stick to specs if you are a man ! 男ならスペックに拘れ! - Takeopiv

Stick to specs if you are a man ! 男ならスペックに拘れ!

made in indiamade in indiamade in india
Mr Y called me, “I bought a WONDERFULL THING !” suggestive. (I worked his company before) I thought he bought big or many computers again… High speed HD camera is his new weapon. He called repeatedly “We can shoot **** pixels x **** pixels x ***** frame by seconds !!!!”
Especialy, the engineer likes specs. and also It is man’s sad nature that sticks to the size and length…
At last, He asked me, “Please test it anything and everything as you like…” :) He is good man !
* Photos are High-spec indian miniature cars.


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