Animation by O - Takeopiv

Animation by O

H社のアニメ。 Oさんから、初めてのアニメーションが送られてきた。
生きてるるるるるるるる! アニメの仕事をしていて、この瞬間が一番シビレますね。
大型ロボットのアニメで、リジッドボディなのですが、フレキシブルに間接が動くようにデザインしてある故、すごく柔軟に動いています。 お見せできないのが残念。。。


Now we are working on an animation film for the H corporation,
the first animated image arrived from Mr. O.
Yeehaw! a character is alive!
Working in this field, this moment turns me on the most.
First designing on a paper, and then breathing a life into the 3D character. Yes! this moment!
The character is rigid gigantic robot however, since he is designed to move all joints flexibly,
the movement is very smooth.
Too bad that I can’t show it to you!

I myself secretly design things that appear on scenes like cars etc.

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