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Betacam Numérique

先日お会いしたKさんが、日本の中古ビデオ機材屋を紹介してくれましたが、15万のBetacam(SP)なんかがありました。 欲しいな~。

Betacam Numériqueはフランス語で、Btacam Digitalの事。
日本では、「デジベ」。 フランスでは、「ニュム num」と業界では呼ばれてる(takeo)

I delivered a short station identity for R corporation today.
Normally, we record the digital data on a specific video tape called Betacam for delivering it to the customer.
Unfortunately, we don’t have the converter at Pivot. So, what I do is that I bring the data to a post production company for converting it to the tape.
The converter costs around 20,000 Euros or more, ummmmm we can not afford it.
Mr.K who I met the other day introduce a used video recorder shop in Japan to me. And there I found a Betacams which cost 1,000 Euros. I want it!!

Betacam Numerique means Betacam Digital in English.
In Japan, we call it DEJIBE, and in France, it is called Num in the image industry.

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