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Colargol Colargol Colargol

When I went back to home, my wife was singing enthusiastically the theme song of old TV series Colargol….
Although I have seen them their photo or on the picture book, this was the first time that I saw them moving ! So Cuuuuuute!!! besides that, technically it is well done.
Basically, it is puppet animation but sometimes the sub-character is treated with cell or even effects is compounded!
Since this animation had been done in 70’s, they adopted the chromakey(color separation overlay), however the quality is surprisingly high!
This puppet show is filled with music and songs like musical. Because of that period? We can feel the taste of Serge Gainsbourg from the music arrangement.
It is waste that we adults doesn’t enjoy this.

By the way, Colargol picture book is now on sale at my wife’s shop !

夜、我家に帰ると、妻がフランスの古いテレビ・シリーズの”コラーゴル”のビデオを観て、主題歌を熱唱していた。。。 これまで、写真や絵本では見ていたのですが、動いているのは初めて見ました。
超カワイイ! しかも、よくできている。 ベースは人形アニメですが、時折サブキャラがセルアニメになったり、エフェクトも合成されている。70年代なので、クロマキー合成でしょうが、クオリティーが高い。


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