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Photo Realistic Rendering

この度のH社のアニメで、初めてファイナルギャザーやHDRIなどのMetalRayに挑戦しています。 光、陰影、反射、屈折をリアルに表現するレンダリング方法です。
Mayaにインテグレートされて永いのですが、なかなか研究する時間もなく、、、カートゥーン・レンダリングなんかに執着してました。 というより、ピヴォのマシンパワーでは、対応しきれない!

追記)コレ1990年度、日本CGグランプリで、アニメーション部門 グランプリとったのヨ(takeo)

I tried for the first time Final gather or HDRI. This is a way of rendering that express light, shade, reflection and inflection precisely.
It has been quite long time since this method is integrated on Maya, but I did not have much time to research…
I had persisted in “Cartoon redering”.
Well in other words we can not manage that with PC’s capacity at Pivot!
Therefore, the person in charge for rendering devise effective way.
For example he try to render only characters by Final gather, and render other things like background by MentalRay.
It takes around 8 minutes for a background and 3 minutes for a character, I guess.

For my work in school days called Mass-communication, I took 32 hours for rendering.
8 minutes is nothing if I compare with that.
By the way, “Mass-communication” won grand prix of CG grand prix for the animation category.

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