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昨日から、DVDオーサリングに格闘中。 mpegフォーマットを解析中。 ようやく、Encore DVDを理解できました~~。 通常、マニュアルなど読まず、メニューを丸覚えしながら、ソフトを覚えるのが癖。
答え Not True Standard Color 非真実色 也。

I have been struggling with DVD authoring since yesterday.
I have been analyzing the mpeg format.
Finally I could understand Encore DVD system!!!!!
Normally, I tend to memorize all the menu option for using a software without reading a manual.
Everybody in Japan and USA, do you guys know what NTSC means??
The answer is Not True Standard Color!
French insist that PAL is more beautiful!!

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